All-Access Pass - Frequently Asked Questions


What is All-Access Pass?

All-Access Pass gives you access to all of MasterClass. You’ll be able to enroll in any MasterClass and access lessons from the very best.


How can I get All-Access Pass?

To get the All-Access Pass, please visit the class page of a course you’d like to purchase and the All-Access Pass will be a purchase option. You can then click “Enroll Now” to get All-Access Pass. If you are already enrolled in a class, you can learn more about pricing by visiting the class page of a course you’d like to purchase.


Will I get access to all classes that are released after I subscribe to All-Access Pass?

Yes! You will get access to all available classes and new classes that are released after you purchase All-Access Pass.


Will I get automatically charged?

You will be charged on the date of your initial subscription, and then automatically charged annually for your All-Access Pass at the then-current annual rate until you cancel (no refunds issued for partial subscription periods).


Do I get a discount on All-Access Pass if I’m already enrolled in classes?

We want to make sure all our existing students get to try out All-Access Pass. That's why we're having past purchases go towards your first year of All-Access Pass. You should see this reflected when you see the All-Access Pass option. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at


Is there a limit to how many classes I can access with All-Access Pass?

No! With All-Access Pass, you’ll have access to all lessons until you cancel.


When does my All-Access Pass expire?

Your All-Access Pass will expire when you cancel.


How can I renew my subscription to All-Access Pass?

You don’t have to do a thing! Your annual pass is set to automatically renew. If you’d like to cancel your subscription, you can email our support team at


How do I cancel my All-Access Pass?

To cancel your All-Access Pass, please email us at and we’ll be able to help you out.


I have All-Access Pass, how do I join new classes?

To enroll in more classes with All-Access Pass, you need to make sure you’re logged into your account and then go to the class enrollment page for the class you want to enroll in. Click “Take the Class” to enroll. You can find the enrollment pages by clicking on the instructor tiles from


I have All-Access Pass, but how do I cancel enrollment in a specific class?

If you’d like to cancel enrollment in a specific class, while keeping your All-Access Pass, please contact our support team at You can also edit your email settings so you no longer receive any emails related to that class. You can read how to do that here.


Does my year of access with All-Access Pass start on my purchase date, or when I enroll in a class?

Your access to All-Access Pass begins on the date you subscribe to All-Access Pass.

If you’ve purchased All-Access Pass as a gift for someone else their year of access will begin when they activate their gift. Note that their All-Access Pass will not automatically renew.

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