I bought a class and it isn't showing up.


Oh no!!

First, don't panic, we're going to get through this together.

Next, you can start by checking to see if you received a confirmation email. The confirmation email is the best way to know if your information was received. If you don't see the confirmation in your inbox, check your spam folder to make sure it hasn't been marked as spam. If you can't find the email there's a good chance that the purchase didn't go through. You can fix this, by following the steps in the article in this link here.

If your purchase did go through and your class isn't showing up, please make sure that you are accessing your MasterClass account with the email address used to purchase the course. 

If you think you may have linked your account to Facebook, then try logging out then logging in again using "Continue with Facebook"


If you logged in with the correct email address and received a confirmation email from us for the purchase but still don't see the class please contact us at support@masterclass.com or submit a request here and we will be sure to fix this right away!


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