Why isn't my comment appearing?


Oh no! It's always a bummer when your voice isn't being heard and we certainly don't want to silence anyone! There could be a lot of reasons why comments aren't appearing. Here are a few common answers to comment issues.

  • Make sure you are submitting the comment by clicking the "Comment" button once you've finished typing your comment. If you don't click the "Comment" button your comment won't be saved to the forums. 
  • Have you included anything in the comment? Often times a student might click the "Comment" button before writing anything in the box. It's a simple mistake we've all made and if you're not writing anything, there won't be anything for us to post!
  • Sometimes, it might take a moment for the comment to appear. Reload the page to see if your comment is now showing up.

If you tried all of those and it still isn't working, then it sounds like it's a bug. Please submit a request here and we'll be sure to look into it right away.

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