My class keeps!


We're sorry you're having issues with the video player. To make sure we deliver the best solution we have a few questions for you:

What kind of device are you using? Is it on a mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, etc?

  • What browser are you using? We suggest using Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, or Safari if you are on a Mac.
  • Have you cleared your browser lately? Sometimes clearing your browser's cache will help to get the videos playing better.
  • Have you checked your speed lately? You can check your speed by heading to For optimal performance of our videos in HD you'll need a 5 mb/s download speed. If you do not have 5 mb/s I would suggest lowering your display video quality to 360p. You can change the video quality by right-clicking on the video and selecting 360p from the drop-down menu.
  • Is the video player loading on the page or do you see the video preview?
  • Do any error messages appear on the page?
  • If not, could you please include a screenshot of the issue or error?

Hopefully, by answering these few questions we will resolve the video issues.

Feel free to send your answers to the above here.

We look forward to helping you resolve this issue and get you back up and running on MasterClass.

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