How does the range finder work? ***For Christina Aguilera's Students***


To utilize the range finder, you must use a laptop or desktop computer and use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. If you are not on a laptop or desktop, you can send yourself a reminder message to complete the range finder when you get to one.

If you are at your computer and ready to go, follow these steps to find your vocal range!

  • Step 1: Turn on your microphone. If you do not see the button to turn your microphone on, please check this help center article. Make sure your computer’s volume is up as well.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve allowed access to your microphone, sing any note for 5 seconds. The range finder will pick up your voice and match you to the correct note. We suggest starting with a comfortable note so you have room to go up to your highest note and down to your lowest note. If you are having trouble finding and holding a note, you can click on the piano keys to hear specific notes.
  • Step 3:After you’ve hit your starting note, you’ll see directions to sing up your range. You’ll sing one note at a time to find your highest note. Here are a couple notes to remember when finding your range.
    • The next note will play automatically after you’ve hit your starting note. The note will be highlighted green and labeled with the name of the note. 
    • If you need to hear the note again, click the speaker icon 
    • While you’re singing, you might see an orange exclamation point.
    • The exclamation point will appear when you are hitting the wrong note. It’s there to let you know if you need to go up or down. 
  • Step 4:When you’ve hit your highest note and can’t go any higher, click the red “That’s My Highest” button in the bottom right corner of the range finder. You should be able to hit your highest note without straining.
  • Step 5: Now, we’ll move down to find your lowest note. Follow the exact same steps as you did to find your highest note, just go a little lower with each note!
  • Step 6: When you’ve sing your lowest note, click the red “That’s My Lowest” button in the bottom right corner of the range finder.

And that’s it! Once you’ve found your lowest note, you will have completed the range finder and found your range. You can share your range with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.



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