What is the FilmStruck offer with my enrollment in Martin Scorsese's course?


Great question!

Filmstruck is an on-demand movie streaming service (available on in the US), geared towards "film aficionados." Owned by Turner, operated by the Turner Classic Movies team.

FilmStruck has created a "collection" of films discussed or recommended by Mr. Scorsese and his MasterClass. We are giving his students the opportunity to watch these films, at no additional cost, through the FilmStruck service. All Scorsese students receive a unique code they can use on FilmStruck to sign up for a 30 day trial of FilmStruck, without even entering a credit card. This is a unique and exclusive offer for Scorsese students (FilmStruck's usual trial is 14 days, and requires a CC).

The collection is currently 12 films, with new films being rotated in between now and April.

FilmStruck’s page dedicated to MasterClass students can be found here.

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