Buy One Annual Membership, Share One Free


Our Buy One Annual Membership, Share One Free promotion was valid from March 26, 2020 to May 11th, 2020 at 10:00 am PT., and is now expired. 



This promotion is available only to those who are (1) not current MasterClass All-Access Pass subscribers and (2) have never participated in a past offer to buy one MasterClass All-Access Pass annual membership, get one free. Limit one promotional purchase per person.

Here’s how the promotion works:

Purchase an All-Access Pass subscription for yourself through our website (please note that your subscription will be active and available once the purchase is complete), and give one complimentary year of all-access to someone of your choosing, whether a relative, friend or neighbor. 

As always, you or your recipient can cancel your membership renewal at any time in account settings.

Can I use this promotion to give two free memberships instead of purchasing an All Access Pass?

No, this promotion doesn't allow you to purchase for two people. To be eligible, you must purchase a subscription for yourself and then you will be provided with a free membership to give to another individual.

If I currently do not have an All-Access Pass but had one in the past, am I eligible for this promotion?

Yes, as long as you currently do not have access to an All-Access Pass and are otherwise eligible for this promotion. Purchase an All-Access Pass through our website, and share a complimentary year of membership, on us!

If I purchase an All-Access Pass through platforms other than (e.g., the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), am I eligible for this promotion?

The “Buy One, Share One On Us” purchase process is automated via our website, so only purchases made through our website are eligible for this promotion.  If you choose to purchase an All-Access Pass via the Apple Store or Google Play store, please contact us to inquire about how to take advantage of this promotion.

Can I purchase an All-Access Pass and then give the free membership to myself?

No, you can’t give yourself the free membership.  The purpose of this promotion is to encourage a spirit of sharing, so please share with someone that you know would enjoy it during this time.

How will my recipient redeem the free membership? 

After you purchase your All-Access Pass, we will send your free membership recipient an email with a link to redeem their complimentary one-year All-Access Pass.  Clicking on the link will bring them to a free membership redemption page where they can set up their account.

What if my free membership recipient already has an All-Access Pass? 

If your recipient purchased their subscription, then they can activate the free membership and it will add an additional twelve months to their account. However, if your recipient purchased from a third party, i.e. Apple or Google, then the free membership can’t be redeemed until their existing subscription expires.

Can I give the free membership to an iOS or Android user?

Your free membership recipient must sign up on our website via the redemption link we email them.  Once they sign up, they can then use our mobile app to access classes.

I currently don’t know to whom I want to send my free membership. Or I do, but don’t have their email at this time.

That’s fine! You can set it up later by clicking on “Schedule Later” and continue on to your own MasterClass subscription.

Can I schedule my message sharing All-Access Pass to be sent at a later time?

You can schedule the additional free membership to be delivered at the date and time you choose, however the All-Access subscription you purchase for yourself will begin immediately once you've completed your order.

What is the refund policy for this promotion?

We generally offer a 30-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase, which applies to this promotion.  Unfortunately, to avoid abuse, our policy is that once your recipient redeems their free membership, you cannot get a refund under the 30-day policy. If you request and obtain a refund before your recipient redeems their free membership, the free membership will automatically be voided and will no longer be redeemable.  


Any further questions, please contact us here.

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  • Avatar
    Mark Tran

    Hi, I would like to take the advantage of the “Buy One, Share One On Us” promo. How do I do that?


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  • Avatar
    Nathan Magee

    Is the BOGO deal over with?

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  • Avatar
    Charles Overberger

    Looks like it but they still have it all over their website and this support site. PPPP as far as I am concerned.

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  • Avatar
    Jane Hughes Paulson

    Can I send a single class gift to a friend and not specify the class?

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  • Avatar
    Lucy Kuchta

    Would love to use the BOGO deal if still available - searched all through Masterclass. Appears it may have ended on May 11th. Might they do another one soon?

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