How to watch courses on an Apple TV?


How do I sign up for MasterClass on Apple TV app?

MasterClass is currently optimized for existing students. If you are not currently a MasterClass student, head over to you have finished creating an account, go ahead and follow the login instructions below.

*Please note that the MasterClass TV app requires a 4th generation Apple TV or later.


How do I log-in on the MasterClass Apple TV app?

Once you download the app, select login, and a page will pop up that has a code at the top, and a QR code at the bottom. You have two methods log into your MasterClass account.  You can either:

  • Take a picture of the QR code on the screen with your mobile phone which will open a link for you to log-in


  • Go to a web browser and enter the link From there, enter the code at the top of the TV screen, which will also log you into the app.

If you have any issues doing so, please contact us at here, and we can help log you in.


How do I go back to menu when I'm in a lesson?

To navigate a step "back" anytime while using the MasterClass Apple TV app, select the "menu" button. For example, if you are watching a lesson video and want to go back to the entire lesson plan, select the menu button once. If you would like to go back to the previous page you were at before you entered the lesson plan, select "menu" twice


How do I rewind or fast forward the lesson video on my Apple TV App?

To rewind or fast forward a lesson video, you can click once on the Apple TV remote control trackpad which will pause the video, then you can swipe to the left or the right on the trackpad to rewind or fast forward. Once you come to the desired spot, click the trackpad again to resume the lesson video. 


How do I turn on Closed Captioning (Subtitles)?

To turn on closed captioning for the video lessons, you can click on the lesson you'd like to play. Once the lesson has started, swipe downwards on the Apple TV remote control trackpad and select "Auto" to keep captioning on for all lessons or "English" to turn them on for the current lesson. 


Can I download the Lessons for offline viewing through the Apple TV App?

No at this time, download viewing is not an option.  Your Apple TV will need to be connected to the internet


Can I manage my account from the AppleTV?

Not at this time.  The current version allows for online viewing of our library of courses

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    Have watched 2 courses on Apple TV but not registering as watched/completed under My Progress. Any reason?

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