MasterClass Community Update


What community features are there now/ will there be in the future?

Sessions by MasterClass is a new type of immersive MasterClass experience built around a community. By participating in Sessions, you will be in a hands-on, time bound class focused on output, and learn skills to aid your breakthrough. Sessions’ curated communities offer guided learning and engagement opportunities, and more chances to share your work, see what others are creating, discuss learnings with other members, and get feedback from teaching assistants. This is just the beginning! 


Can I get a discount/refund for losing access to the community?

Due to community features not going away but rather shifting to different areas of the MasterClass platform, we are not offering a discount/refund. We encourage you to check out Sessions as a new way to interact with members!


How can I access my old posts?

Unfortunately, the forum has been taken down and the content is no longer accessible.


How can I connect with an old community member?

Unfortunately we can’t share the contact information of other members due to our Privacy Policy. 

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